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Internet Multimedia Ministry (IMM)* is a unique arm of Christ Embassy dedicated to ensuring that the gospel of our Lord Jesus is heralded via the Internet, Satellite and Mobile platforms.Through the Internet Multimedia Ministry, the light of salvation and God’s hope is taken to peoples around the world via the Internet, Satellite and Mobile platforms, making use of cutting edge technologies. We achieve this through:The Live Streaming of life changing meetings with our man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. Hosting of various ministry websites to provide that unique platform to millions around the world, giving them the opportunity to receive life transforming answers to their questions, while also providing resources instrumental to their spiritual advancement.The development of Mobile content and applications made available to several around the world, thus making God’s word available to them on the go. Today, I specially invite you to be a part of the Internet Multimedia Ministry of Christ Embassy Columbus; the future of world evangelism is the Internet and through your finances and prayers, you too can be a part of this great move of Global evangelism and expansion! Welcome aboard and let’s together spread God’s Word & Love via the Internet!!!

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